As their website correctly states: “The Mothership has landed”. Chef Greenhill’s former “pop up”/ food truck has landed in Corktown in an old muffler shop & it’s well worth the journey. First of all, the staff was great & Their “Director of Experience& Sensation” Courtney was awesome.The food was phenomenal as was the atmosphere ( they have a dj). First of, the “Promises in Vortex” drinks was excellent, with tequilq, mescal, cilantro, thai chile & salt. The cuisine is Thai/Southeast Asian and was awesome. The Crispy Spare ribs, with apple, seafood caramel, apple, mint,ginger & pickled papaya are well worth the ride.The Khao Soi Kai noodle dish was amazing, featuring a chicken drumstick that fell off the bone, pickled mustard greens, coconut milk curried noodles & cilantro- yummy! The Bok Choy was just ok, and the Shrimp Toast with smoked eggplant,cherry tomatoes,cilantro, thai chile & egg was too salty for me. However the Breakfast Sundae dessert was beyond delicious….) Featuring Cereal Ice Cream, with espresso fudge, frosted milk crumbs with dark rum poured over, was a definite treat/highlight. The crowd was fun, and met a lot of cool people such as Paulette & her girlfriend from ATL, & hope to somehow run into her/meet her on another adventure. This is a definite go to again & am looking forward to another expedition in the near future.on this adventure The LD, who was with one of his trusted scouts, fires up 4 Silver Bullets into the Detroit sky. Hi-Yo Silver- The LoneDiner continues on his journey’s to find the best/fun eating experiences throughout the country.


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