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Wow!!!! Journeyed to the San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art to Chef Corey Lee’s( earned 3 Michelin Stars at this Benu) , new concept in situ. In Situ is a latin adverb synergizing and interacting collaboratively within a context, and his restaurant concept is that he asked some of the world’s greatest chefs, for the recipes of their best dishes, and they in turn worked with him to allow him to replicate them in this setting.This was pretty amazing! Started with the Buttermilk Fried Chicken( served in wicker basket with a pine cone & cloves), courtesy of the The Cove Club in Londo, which was tender & melted in my mouth. Next, the Shrimp Grits were simply amazing with pickled jalapeƱo courtesy of Wylie Dufresne(wd-50, in NYC)was my fav. Then the Apocalypse Burger in a lettuce wrap from Mission Street Food in San Francisco, was different in a good way. Another home run was the Wasabi Lobster, with mango jelly, thai vinaigrette, wasabi marshmallow from Restaurant Tim Raue in Berlin, yummy!. The Octopus and the Coral was braised octopus and spicy seaweed from Virglio Martinez in Lima, Peru, was a tasty. Then had The Forest which was quinoa risotto, mushrooms, parsley moss,from Chef Mauro Colagreco in Menton, France, which looked & tasted like a forest, probably in the medieval times . Then on to the desserts, which unfortunately was the weakest link on this adventure. The “Interpretation of Vanity” which was moist chocolate cake, cold almond cream, bubbles & cocoa, by By Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of Errenteria Spain, which was not flavorful enough for the LD’s taste. The last dessert was “Wood Sorrel & Sheep’s Milk Yogurt” By Chef Rene Redzepi of the Internationally known Noma in Copenhagen, looked better than it tasted. The LD likes sweet desserts & this missed as well.All in all this was an awesome experience. The only let down were the desserts, but it just gives me something to look forward to on my next adventure, since they constantly revolve the menu. The LD shoots up 4 Silver Bullets, but expects it to turn up a notch on a future visit. This is one worth returning to!Hi-Yo Silver, The LoneDiner is on to his next food adventure……


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