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Mission Chinese



Amazing Chinese Food on the edge of China town in NYC, they have a sister restaurant in San Francisco7 the proprietor is Danny Bowen.Starting with their Phil Khalifs drink(lol)..with gin, coconut milk, kafir lime, Tianjin chili, ginger, lemon grass & sesame oil, which was excellent while listening to The Talking Heads in the background, the atmosphere was vibrant & hip.The Matcha Green Tea Noodles were fantastic(& healthy of course) with hoisin & ginger scallion & a meal in and of itself. The Kung Pao Pastrami is one of their well known dishes & was just good, and spicy, made with homes fries, tianjin chili, celery, & peanuts. But the most memorable course was the desert!… Shaved Ice in a bowl served with ice to keep cold, but with strawberries on the bottom, and then the waitress put the Piece de Resistance on…Pink PoP Rocks, that continued to snap crackle pop & add some color & flavor on this fun desert! Well worth the journey & the LoneDiner fires 4 Silver Bullets at this location & looks forward to a return adventure.

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