New York

Salvation Burger



James Beard Award Winning Chef, Chef April Broomfield( & partner Ken Friedman’s) new fast casual hamburger spot, was very slow & expensive!!!!$25 burger’s at this price, their new wood fired concept, should knock it out of the park, and this didn’t. The 8 oz. burger was good,as was the bun & carmelized onions,& tallegio cheese, but not that amazing, and the fries were very salty, but decent & sitting at the counter watching them cook, was mistake on their part. The burgers are suppose to come out every 5-7 minutes when ordered, however after 25 minutes, the LD ????’d them, the Manager came over & apologized and said it would be 4 more minutes, which ended up being another 12. The Peanut Butter S’Mores pie was ok.You may be able to get away with a fancy expensive burger in the Big Apple, but this wouldn’t play well elsewhere in the country & unfortunately, their fast was my slow…) The LD was glad he made it on this adventure, but only fires up 2 Silver Bullets on this trip.


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