WOW!!!! What a Spectacular Meal…..)(Spoiler Alert!!!!) The LoneDiner started his adventure with his TS(Trusted Scout)/PIC(PartnerInCrime) over a bottle of wine, before we ubered down to Chef Andy Halladay’s Selden Standard. We started out with some champagne & oysters which got things going. We both agreed that the BEEF TARTARE was one of the best dishes we’ve had in recent memory….) The dish was on seeded bread with beets, cured egg yolk,& za’atar…AMAZING & you know that the LD doesn’t go that overboard often….) The herbed flatbread with stracciatella, roasted garlic, 7 castelvetrano olives was yummy as well. The squid ink Chiattara pasta with garlic, chili, capers, & breadcrumbs was tasty, and the Lamb Merguez, with eggplant, paneer, & zhug was very good. Lastly Award winning Pastry Chef Lena Sareini’s Zucchini cake with creme fruit ice cream, blueberries, & thyme crumble was a fitting end to an awesome meal. The flavors in every dish were Outstanding & this was the Best Meal the LD & his PIC have had in town in quite some time & well worth the journey/adventure.As TS# the next day #newdetroit, which excuse the pun, but Selden is setting the Standard! As we walked out into an early Fall evening/cool air,
the LD fired up 5 Silver Bullets(yes!), on this enjoyable adventure with the assistance of his TS. The journey/evening continued late into the night,but as NightOwls,it’s part of what LD( &PIC) do to check out the other go ons in each City to make sure that YOU are well informed. It’s on to the next adventure on this journey…….

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  • Reply TS/PIC September 19, 2018 at 6:27 pm

    I woke up the next morning, thinking that the beef tartare would make a delicious breakfast. Next time, I think we need 2 orders because I don’t think either of us wanted to share that dish! YUM!

    • Reply Anonymous September 23, 2018 at 11:54 am

      We’ll definitely
      need at least 3 orders next time. One for each of us on our own to have & another to carry out for breakfast….)

  • Reply Thomasfluex August 7, 2021 at 5:58 am

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