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An Über adventure to The Arts District in Downtown LA @ Chef Ori Menashe’s new Middle Eastern restaurant Bavel. He gained fame several years ago with his Italian restaurant Bestia, which is still one of the hottest in town. This journey started with The Mephisto( a bit watered down) that was up of : blanco tequila, singled, nectarine, lime, fire( for some heat), and soda. We then had the Prawns which were Excellent & had a lot of fire. The ingredients included harisoa marinade,tzatziki, cured zucchini, herbs & lime, and was able to dip the warm pita into the tzatziki which was yummy….) The Lamb Flatbread contained, spicy fermented sausage with a grated tomato, red onion, parsley, pine nuts, nigella seed, mint, & sumac, which was fabulous!!!!, along with a glass of Monica wine from Sardinia……) The dessert wass a Licorice Ice Cream Bob Bon, really….) It was made of sour licorice carmel, muscovado cake, caramelized white chocolate, & malden….) very tasty!!!! It was good to see Chef working the kitchen, since it’s always tough to run a couple of restaurants. Everything was flavorful & well worth the uber journey, & look forward to going back on another journey in the future, since the LD was truly solo on this trip, his stomach could only try these items…LOL…). As the LD departed he fired up 4 Silver Bullets into the SoCal sky & went off and running towards my next adventure…..

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