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Quality Eats( same owners of Quality Meats & Quality Italian), have recently opened this in a sense dumbed down version( price wise) of a steakhouse in Soho.One of the coolest/fun menu’s that I’ve seen on my recent journeys. The LD had The Don Ameche( an old time actor) which is a cut fillet on garlic toast with chicken liver & salad,which was excellent and had a side of the Butternut Brioche pudding( was only ok). They have Bacon with Peanut Butter & Jalepeno Jelly( the LD didn’t try), but fun things like that are on their menu. I had the “Home Alone” drink, which was tequila, tarragon, green chapters, & Habanero Cubes….) Yummy & Spicy. Lastly, for desert I had the Birthday cake with Chocolate Malt Ice Cream, Confetti Cake, with Vanilla Icing, and they light it for you with their book of matches. Cool vibe in the bar area as well& was worth the taxi adventure down. The LD would like to take another ride down in the future & try some of their other menu items. This was worth 4 Silver Bullets shot up into the sky on this experience….


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