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The new restaurant from the Major Food Group( Santini, Carbone, Parm, Dirty French, & Torrisi), is in Soho, & is a fun Jewish Comfort Food restaurant. The waiters walk by every 10 minutes, carrying & yelling: ” Hot Bagels”, like a vendor at a ball game. The Pigs in a blanket were excellent. My kemosabes enjoyed them. The Leo- which was salmon & eggs that looked good, as did their take on the Cobb salad. The LD had the scottish salmon, that came with a tower of veggies, capers, & the salmon, a long with Hot Bagels!Fun place on West Broadway & well worth the journey…especially the pigs in a blanket….) we could’ve gone through several orders!The LD fires 3 Silver Bullets on this visit, and may take another journey in the future.


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