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Sometimes the best plans are when you call an audible in life’s journey. The path to The Aviary wasn’t written in stone, but the experience & adventure of the evening will live on. The LoneDiner and Trusted Scout(TS) deviated & tried Internationally acclaimed Chef Grant Achatz’s, The Aviary out of Chicago, but this branch at The Mandarin Oriental on the 35th floor with Central Park views was simply”Amazing”. With drinks such as: “How Does Snoop Dogg Use Lemongrass?”(swizzle,pychaud’s,ginger snow,vodka) to “Loaded to the Guns” ( mace,pineapple, hazelnut, batavia arrack) & more. Every table was watching what the other table was ordering & then would order the same thing. The various ingredients in these drinks & presentation was AMAZING!!!!I’ve never witnessed such as thing…So FUN….).. There was some obligatory food from popcorn to poke to waygu, to seafood-just what the dr. ordered for the moment. The pigs ear we photo’d but didn’t order… And of course, in the back of the location, there’s a Speakeasy…go figure…we did…) The Office(SE) didn’t disappoint with an old school drinks…WOW…This was an EPIC Experience…& highly recommend!!!!The LD & TS had an awesome time…..) This is one of those that I’ll try to venture back to on another journey to these stomping grounds in NYC. On this trail the LD shoots 5 Silver Bullets in the air with a Smile….) and looks forward to the next experience at The Aviary, but for now, we’re on to the next Epicurean Adventure…..Happy Trails & Yippee Ki Yay!!!!

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