Spoon and Stable



A summer expedition to Minneapolis( the hometown for Prince & Bob Dylan) including a stop at James Beard Award Winning Chef Gavin Kaysen’s restaurant. The cuisine is French Inspired & started out with the tasteful Bison Tartare with harissa aioli, watermelon radish(?), cilantro & dried olive…very interesting. The Spaghetti Nero had prawns, mussels, octopus far diabolo & fine herbs(fine?) I love some of the menu descriptions…LOL….) O, and the drink was the Jungle Bird( Campari & Don Q Anejo…different & thirst quenching. Lastly, the Honey & Cream Cake with bananas & Condensed Milk pored over was tasty. All in all a solid culinary experience….The LD as he walked out the restaurant fired up 3 Silver Bullets on this experience..Another Epicurean Experience in the books….Happy Trails & on to the continued Quest to find the latest in food & beverage experiences that are exceptional……….

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