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Chef Michael White’s new attempt at a French restaurant on Park Avenue, unfortunately was disappointing, since he’s one of the LD’s favorite chefs, but he’s better at cooking Italian cuisine, on this ride through. The Foie Gras wasn’t good, the LD left half, it’s trouble when the toast, and black cherries are better… I was going to go with a pasta, but the waiter recommended, Chef’s famous “White Label” burger, with cheese which was tasty, but not what I was expecting in a french restaurant, in fact, most of the menu items were what I was half expecting/hoping for & his french fries( not pomme frites) were just ok…The Tarte Vaucluse with toasted hazelnut dacquise,& chocolate creme, was just fair as well. The LD was looking forward to this adventure,but(being on Park Avenue), was the only cool thing. it’s a large space & not only did the food not connect, but the space didn’t flow….No one’s perfect! The LD could only fire 2 Silver Bullets on this adventure & hopes that they’ll iron this out, he’s pretty sure they will, they know what they’re doing…. On to the next…….

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