Journeyed/Walked from the Opera House with a stop for people watching by the Louvre & then preceded to Dinner at Michelin Starred Spring. After being asked the usual”do you have any allergies” then told you’ll get what Chef decides…which included Spring (of Course) Vegetables, lemongrass, sole fish, morels, veal cutlet, smoked mackerel, chocolate, meringue,&lemon. Unfortunately, not every meal on this current adventure was outstanding or can all be amazing, things happen, and maybe if there hadn’t been some stellar meals in Paris this dinner may have been have been different in comparison. However, Chef Daniel Rose, who recently opened Le Cou Cou in New York(Which was recently awarded the James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant in the US & which is in my stack to write up).Le Cou Cou was amazing- the flavors were phenomenal, but-the portions were
small)…However, the flavors at Spring were very salty & disappointing…so much so that I posted a picture of the butter, since that was one of the best things I tasted. The service was very good & could tell by my face( yes..I don’t always smile), and by what was left on my plate( I usually try to be a member of the clean plate club). They asked me what was wrong after the meal & I didn’t want to get into it, making up some excuses, but to their credit they took 20% off my bill. The LD on this long walk/ journey past the Louvre fired up 3 Silver Bulletts & wandered back to my hotel…) Had to get ready for the next day’s Meals…the journey continues…Oui!!!

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