New Haven

Frank Pepe



The LoneDiner back on the road & hitting all sorts of restaurants on his continuing journey. The LD had heard about Frank Pepe’s for years as one of the top pizzerias in the US & I finally had the opportunity to stop by. After a 15-20 minute wait,I made it to this holy place. I was told to try the clam pizza as well as the seasonal Tomato Pie. The clam with the fresh garlic, olive oil, grated cheese, & oregano hit the high notes. The Fresh Tomato pie with fresh Native Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Fresh Garlic(not sure how fresh garlic is????) & basil was good. Open since 1925 it was very old school & enjoyable, and have to say it was Extremely good an hour later when the both were cold & the LD was driving to the Hartford airport…..).. On this journey, the LD firedup 4 Silver bullets, based on the colder version that melted in my mouth. Another restaurant off the bucket list….) On to the next……….

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